This first volume chronicles a trip Norris took to France, financed by her parents to give her something to enjoy over the summer. Chronic pain and mental illness contributed to difficulties while growing up, and Norris often turned to partying with older men. Throughout the book, Norris frankly portrays her experiences with sexual assault, something she kept a secret for almost 10 years. Like any good memoir, she provides readers an account of what happened – an understanding of how she felt and thought at the time and reflection from her current, adult self.

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The 29-year old Norris is the author of Dear Mini: A Graphic Memoir, Book One, which documents a troubled period of sexual trauma in her teens, presented as an illustrated letter to a friend.

The 218-page comic was published on July 4 by Fantagraphics as a 7.4” by 9.4” hardcover book with striking, shiny gold coloring – a childhood dream, Norris said. Work on Dear Mini served as her thesis at the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. It began as a roughly 400-page rough draft, but Norris has been finalizing it into two books, which each have their own story arc. Before it was picked up by Fantagraphics, Norris distributed the comic digitally through her Patreon.

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