The Authority: Revolution (MS 12)


Warning: Adults only!

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THE REVOLUTION WILL BE SUPERHUMAN! High above Earth, aboard a fifty-mile-wide alien vessel, live the Authority – “King of Cities” Jack Hawksmoor; the shamanic Doctor; the winged warrior Swift; the cyborg Engineer; the leather-clad Midnighter and the solar-powered Apollo, as well as Jenny Quantum, the awesomely powerful new incarnation of the fallen Jenny Sparks! In the wake of the Authority’s coup d’etat, the team are in charge of America…and hating it! But then a team of patriotic superheroes declares war on the Authority, and they’re forced back into action…When a broken Apollo arrives from the future, with a message for the Midnighter – he must break apart the Authority – at any cost! Warning: Adults only!

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