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The more than 300-page autobiographical graphic novel published in 2007 is filled with cutesy black-and-white illustrations that nonetheless convey the gravity and devastation of the Iranian Revolution and the subsequent Iran-Iraq War. It depicts the reality of life amidst such political upheaval through the unique lens of young “Marji,” who is brutally forced to grow up and become “Marjane” as the world she had always known rapidly transfigures.

Marji, a young child at the beginning of the novel, experiences the revolution mostly filtered through the opinions of the adults around her. Her childish naivete is apparent in the games she and her friends play. They dress up and march around pretending to be revolutionaries, their innocence manifesting in this diluted reenactment of the horrors of the war they from the safety of their front yard and the yet-untouched streets of their neighborhoods.

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