The Graveyard Book HC


  • A well-crafted story having elements of Horror, Suspense, Magic and adventure.
  • Chilling and haunting narration, yet, sweet and creepy. these qualities were beautifully structured. Transition of a gentle boy into a wise adult in number of pages was marvelling to read.
  • Afterlife community-describing how death is not the end. Its journey to another form of existence. An endless world of contemplation; boundless and timeless period for those who had lived incomplete or complete lives. The afterlife creatures were described in a positive light, except few grotesque ghouls who were deemed as wretched beings, as punishment of their early lives. Sins are measured in this life, which is how we see Silas(Caretaker of our Protagonist) living a life of redemption.
  • Antithesis-Anyone is capable to change in their lifetime, it’s not only for humans to harbour positive feelings and the notion that death is fearsome, is not true. Unnatural existence of graveyard beings is a proof of writer’s vision, which he perceives as continuous cycle. The pure-hearted ghost couple protecting a kid, the graveyard beings joining forces against the onslaught on a boy, who is more or less a family. This shows concept of good vs evil being reversed



The Graveyard Book Neil Gaiman

Compilação dos 2 volumes.

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