The Incal: Kill Wolfhead


The Incal’s fan-favorite hero/roguish flirt, Kill Wolfhead, is back in his own story.



Kill Wolfhead has been called many things in his long, storied life—Lover (Galaxy’s Greatest), Fighter (Freedom and Otherwise), Entrepreneur (Five Franchises and Counting), and Intergalactic Hero (He saved the universe! Twice! At least!). But you don’t live that kind of life without making some enemies… And those enemies are now out for blood.

After a vicious attack, Wolfhead is left in a coma, and his only possible hope for a healthy return is a dangerous, experimental technology in the hands of the children he’s abandoned in his Lothario wake. In order to save their wayward father, his children must go into his damaged brain-space, but all is not what it seems.

The story of a legend like Wolfhead could only be told by legends themselves. Writer Brandon Thomas (Horizon, Noble) and artist Pete Woods (DeadpoolCatwoman) join forces for Wolfhead’s wild road to recovery through psychedelic landscapes, grim and grotesque danger, the truly unexpected, and an adventure as intimate as a heartbeat and as big as reality itself!

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