The Tenth: Evil’s Child (MS 4)


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Gozza, the child supermonster, has found what he was looking for…the “Tenth power”. The only problem is that he didn’t want to BE the power, he just wanted control of it. Now he must play the role of master and servant to the power which sets up the next mini-series of hit comic, “The Tenth”. Some of Rhazes Darkk’s other beasts see Gozza as a threat now and they’ll stop at nothing to contain him. Blackspell, the living Labyrinth, sets loose the Twisted 3 from his evil depths to track Gozza. Also, see for the first time ever the release of a brand new supermonster… Strych-9! Meanwhile, back on campus, Esperanza explores the possibility that she is a creation of Rhazes Darkk , too! Espy, Zorina and the Tenth free Victor and seek out the truth from Director Jaffe, but they soon learn that there’s more to Jaffe than they once thought! Is Jaffe really working for the Darkklon Corporation, the CIA, or a new breed of terrorists??! Just who is Sam Jaffe?

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