Much like Disappearance Diary, Lulu Anew promises a deeply introspective experience, one that explores the soul-sucking mundanity of domestic life, and the mindset one must possess to drop it all. Unfortunately, that insight is never truly given. While I commend the piece for describing this experience as a harsh necessity arising from burnout, as opposed to projecting romanticism on escapism, the reader remains completely detached from Lulu’s journey. She never intends on sharing her experience with others, leaving the reader questioning why this piece was created in the first place.

Coming back from a failed job interview, Lulu laments her current position in life. An unfulfilled housewife, spending a majority of her years sacrificing everything for others. To the surprise of friends and family, she decides to temporarily make them the sacrifice, as a change of scene seems to be the solution to her issues. This graphic novel documents Lulu’s brief journey around coastal France, her adventures, and her loved one’s attempts at dealing with her absence. They are the ones who piece together Lulu’s story, and then relay it to the reader.

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NBM Publishing (2012)

158 Pages

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