Shazam: The World’s Mightiest Mortal HC


The 1970s adventures of Shazam–Now the star of his very own movie–are collected in color for the first time!

In 1973 DC brought back one of the most beloved superheroes of all time: Shazam!

After a 20-year publication hiatus, the popular Golden Age hero (dubbed “the Big Red Cheese” by his archnemesis, Dr. Sivana) returned with a bang for a series of all-new adventures. Back in the ’40s, comic books featuring Shazam sold millions of copies. These comics from the ’70s combined the timeless and cartoony artwork of C.C. Beck (the original artist from the 1940s) with a modern, self-conscious sensibility from writers such as Denny O’Neil.

Shazam!: The World’s Mightiest Mortal Vol. 1 collects Shazam! #1-18.



Shazam: The World’s Mightiest Mortal Vol. 1


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